Closed for Training

The shop will be closed for training on March 1st, 2024. We will reopen on Monday, March 4th.

Get your vehicle ready for winter!

Make sure your vehicle is ready to endure the cold with our NEW winter bundle. Protect the key components of your vehicle for only $89.95! This new package defends against battery corrosion, strengthens antifreeze, and protects the fuel system.

Our battery service fights corrosion to ensure that you have confidence with starting up your car in the cold. This service uses our trained technicians to inspect the battery terminals and cables, clean posts and terminals, install anti-corrosion terminal protectors, and seals all the posts, terminals and case. It includes a two year anti-corrosion warranty. Lets make sure you never get stuck in the cold by running this service that fights against corrosion to keep connections strong for reliable, cold weather starts.

Making sure that your antifreeze is safe for cold weather is essential. That is why we added this service that strengthens your antifreeze to preform at a high level in the freezing temperatures. This service is a unique formulation that restores antifreeze to its premier level of protection. It restores critical additive balance, proper antifreeze pH and provides protection against corrosion. Antifreeze breakdown during the cold winter months can lead to catastrophic failure.

Last in the three part service is a fuel system service which will protect the fuel system from harmful ethanol that attracts water and corrosion. This service prevents water held in ethanol-blended gasoline (such as E10) from separating, causing corrosion to the fuel system and freezing the fuel lines. It contains stabilizers to prevent fuel oxidation, neutralize acids, and form a protective coating on fuel system components to prevent fouling and lost performance.

Call or email to set up an appointment before winter hits!